8:00–4:00 Pre-Con Sessions

101. Blended Learning Summit
The WDLC is excited to host Heather Staker who is the co-author of Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools (San Francisco: Wiley, 2015). Heather will engage school leaders in an experiential step-by-step framework upon which to build a more student-centered system, while providing advice essential to building the next generation of K-12 learning environments. Come gain valuable insight on how to implement digital learning, achieving the greatest benefit for students while avoiding missteps and potential pitfalls. By the end of this one day workshop you will leave with:

  • First-hand experience in online and blended learning.
  • A jumping off point to help drive student centered learning in your district whether it be blended, personalized, or online learning.

The statewide web academy, known as the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) has been established pursuant to the authority granted in Wis. Stat. §115.28(53), to provide equitable access to high quality online education by offering online learning to school districts, cooperative educational service agencies, charter schools and private schools located in this state. The WDLC consists of two collaborating organizations: 1) the Wisconsin Virtual School; and 2) the Wisconsin eSchool Network.

Speaker: Heather Staker

2:00–4:00 Pre-Con Sessions

102. Learning with Apple

More than ever, teachers are using digital content to create interactive, engaging experiences for their students. Which means students can connect to subject matter and demonstrate knowledge in exciting new ways. Come to the Apple Learning Tour to see how Apple’s mobile devices and rich content ecosystem make learning more relevant and more personal. Here’s what you’ll experience: Explore a wide variety of digital content, including education apps, interactive iBooks Textbooks, and the amazing free learning resources and courses on iTunes U. Discover powerful content-creation tools that provide students with deeper, more meaningful ways to apply their learning. See what it’s like to be a student in a digital classroom through innovative, hands-on activities.

Speaker: Jeremy Egger and Lynne Kivimaki

103. Game Night

Come and play! Experience multiple games that can be used in a classroom environment to engage and inspire students! During this workshop, jointly led by Sun Prairie Area School District and Filament Games, you will play learning games and learn about successful integration models.

Note: BYOD is encouraged for this session

Speakers: Michael Mades, Anne Larson, and Nate Grundahl

104. Designing Brain-Friendly K12 Personalized Learning Spaces

Explore how personalized learning experiences directly correlates with a student’s, a teacher’s and an administrator’s growth mindset. We will examine how personalized learning and its spaces can support a variety of pedagogical and brain-based instructional approaches. Participants will also have the opportunity to create their own personalized learning plan, through a “classroom crib” design challenge. This design challenge will motivate participants to create a personalized learning space based on sound pedagogical practices, mobile teaching and learning collaborative brain-friendly activities, and choosing the best technology tool to enhance the learning experience to support the student-centric classroom.

Speaker: Naomi Harm

105. INTERACT with Personalized Learning

Join Dr. Ryan Krohn, Director of the Institute for Personalized Learning, for an interactive dive into the Honeycomb Model of personalized learning! Explore the why, what and how behind the honeycomb elements, and learn about how schools and districts across the state are using this model to implement personalized learning for their students. Leave the session with practical strategies for getting started in your own classroom or moving your implementation to the next level.

Participants will:

  • Understand a transformational CHANGE strategy
  • Explore the ‘Interactive Honeycomb’
  • Discuss ‘entry points’ and current examples
  • DRAFT a ‘route’ towards personalized learning

Speaker: Dr. Ryan Krohn

106. Flipping Your Professional Development Mindset

Description: We are living through and working in transformative times.  If we want our students to be prepared for their futures and our schools to be relevant, we have to challenge ourselves to review and design our practices.  Put bluntly, if we want our students to be future ready, then our schools, our practices, and our staff have to be future ready as well.  Attendees to this pre-conference workshop will learn how one school created an approach to professional development that is personalized, engaging, sustainable, applicable, teacher-driver and led.  we will share how we designed our professional development structure, format and schedule, as well as to provide some concrete examples that any school could implement.

Speaker: Paul Hermes and Amy Arbogash

107. Google Sheets Intermediate+

Got the basics down and want to start utilizing some of the immense power built into Google Sheets? Intermediate Sheets will introduce all participants to some of the more advanced features. The focus will be the use of functions and how they help record/sort/store/use data in a meaningful way. Some specific topics covered will be filtering, counting functions, splitting & combining, conditional formatting, and linking between sheets. Then, stick around for some more advanced topics! We’ll touch on a few powerful Add-ons, IF functions, and the QUERY language which provides the ability for data manipulation and formatting to meet the user’s needs. The answer is always a spreadsheet!

Speaker: Mike Hanson