Concurrent Sessions Round Three

2:35 – 3:35

031. 'Getting it Done' Private-Public Collaboration Across Stakeholders
Blended, online, competency, personalized, etc. Buzz words are everywhere and vendors can “Do it All”… Integrate? No Problem, SSO? No Problem, Interoperability Standards? Of course we comply. We wish it were that simple. Come engage in a discussion with digital learning leaders who have lived in the trenches for the past 10+ years. We don’t have all the answers and it isn’t easy. We do however leverage district leadership, consortium collaboration and vendor strategic partnerships. Lets Talk!

Speaker: John Jacobs, Erik Hansen and Greg Mahaffey

032. Creative Classroom WorkFlows
Join us for the Creative Classroom Workflows session. We will focus in on the power of iPad and how the personal and shared nature of this device allows teachers to teach and students to learn in powerful ways. We will explore iPad Pro, the Apple Classroom App as well as resources now available for professional learning in iTunes U.

Speaker: Jeremy Egger and Lynne Kivimaki

033. Did My Students Get that? Using Online Tools to do Formative and Summative Assessments
In this session participants will learn about a variety of online tools that teachers can use to do formative and summative assessments with their students. Some examples include, Quizalize, Padlet, Popplet and Google Forms. Come and learn how to make assessment fun!

Speaker: Jamie Klubertanz and Jana, Zimmerman

034. BreakoutEDU: It’s Time for Something Different
BreakoutEDU creates ultra-engaging learning games for students of all ages (PreK-12) in all curricular areas and adults. The games, or Breakouts, teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and troubleshooting by presenting participants with challenges that ignite their natural drive to problem solve. New games, puzzles and resources are continually being developed by a rapidly growing network of educators worldwide. Come join in the fun and participate in a large Breakout as you race against the clock to unlock a series of locks and solve a problem!

Speaker: Andelee Espinosa, Debra Burmeister and Heather Levine

035. Adding Efficiency with Google Add-ons
You’ve become more proficient with basic Google apps and you are ready to take your next steps. Within each Google app are add-ons. These optional programs allow you to do tasks with Google apps to make you more efficient in your workflow. Whether it’s reviewing data in Google sheets or adding graphics into a Google doc, come to this session to see how to automate tasks and save yourself time. In addition, some add-ons allow you to do things not previously possible in Google Apps. Expand your world and unleash the power of Google Add-Ons. To get the most out of this session, it is best if participants have a basic understanding of Google Applications (forms, docs, sheets).

Speaker: Katie Copley and Jacalyn Mueller

036. Ensuring STEAM to PK-12 Students
East Troy Community School District continues to focus on student data while creating personalized learning environments that are engaging and motivating. Learn how the district implemented SmartLabs and FabLabs toward supporting STEAM and more importantly; personalized learning environments that benefit all students.

Speaker: Chris Hibner, Mark Weerts, Pete Syens, Scott Hutton, Connor Harris and Kevin Kitslaar

037. MindcraftEDU in the High School Social Studies Classroom
What if students lived in a world where they could demonstrate their knowledge and engage their peers by working collaboratively to explain the harsh realities of war? In a simplistic form, that is what U.S. History students at Appleton East are now able to do by creating virtual environments to show the history of a specific battle and war using MinecraftEdu. Our students are the designers while MinecraftEdu is the platform upon which they can build, recreate, explain and demonstrate the harsh realities faced by American soldiers on the field of battle throughout history. In this session, we will be discussing how to incorporate MinecraftEDU into the secondary education setting. While Social Studies is the content are being demonstrated, we will discuss how this platform could be used across district curriculum.

Speaker: Debra Fitzpatrick and Steve Thomaschefsky

038. The Key is the VLC: How to Successfully Integrate a Virtual Learning Environment into a Traditional School Setting
This session will describe how a small, rural school with 160 high school students was able to successfully integrate an online / blended learning program into its school. The group will discuss how and why the program originated, the means to which they developed the program, the current status and success rate of the program, and the next steps the district will be taking in the future.

Speaker: Matthew Parkansky, Jon Betts, Laura Struve and Margie Popp

039. Empowering Students Through Feedback & Reflection Using iPads and GAFE
Collaboration and communication through the implementation of digital learning practices help prepare all students to succeed as lifelong learners. Formative assessment can be used to improve student achievement and, when students receive descriptive feedback on their work, they are able to analyze what they have done well and identify areas for improvement. Digital tools including iPad Apps and Google Apps for Education can provide students with effective tools to help learners receive and provide feedback, along with opportunities to reflect on the learning outcomes. This session will focus on feedback and reflection through the use of iPads using apps including Explain Everything and Shadow Puppet Edu and GAFE including Docs, Forms, Hangouts, and Web Apps. Specifically, we will look at how lessons/projects that utilize iPads apps and Google Apps can connect students of various grade levels and encourage collaboration within the same school and beyond.

Speaker: Jennifer Schie-Reed and Caroline Haebig

040. Purposeful Use of 1:1 Technology in Reader’s Workshop
In this session I will share different resources, websites, and methods for using 1:1 technology in reader’s workshop. Included will be the use of Google classroom, Padlet, Reading Glue- an online reading log and data management website, and Google Docs.

Speaker: Jamie Sperling

041. Alternatives to the Research Paper: Inquiry Projects to Enhance Student Engagement
Students can love research when given choice in how they share their learning! Come learn about how you can teach powerful and important research strategies, while supporting students to present their information using variety of mediums/tools beyond just a research paper!

Speaker: Joanna Cree and Sarah Edbauer

042. Cross Curriculum Collaboration: The Cohort at Hartford Union HS
The Ebola Epidemic sparked a question amongst teachers at Hartford Union High School – how can we do a better job of addressing current issues across the curriculum? Feedback from students during the outbreak was that the topic was touched on the same day in both Freshmen Biology and World Cultures. Teacher leaders Kevin Martin and Paul Coffin started chatting about what could be done working as a team to incorporate cross-curricular instruction. The Freshmen Cohort at HUHS was born in 2015-2016, where 115 students signed up to be a part of a learning community that included social studies, English, Science and Health covered in three class periods. Topics are addressed from multiple perspectives; Project Based Learning gives students real-world challenges on issues such as how to feed an ever crowded world. Technology plays a role, but it’s in the background supporting the innovation with these visionary teachers.

Speaker: Kevin Martin, Paul Coffin and Ben Skifton

043. Fab Lab Stoughton – Student Stories of Struggle and Successes
Participants will learn about Fab Lab Stoughton, a digital makerspace housed at Stoughton High School. The presentation will explain the basics of what makes a Fab Lab. Students will present their own stories of projects, problem solving, struggles and success in a project-based learning environment.

Speaker: Brian Shimon, Mike Connor and Chris Wiemer

044. Keeping Your Districts Data Secure and Private
Come to this session to hear from a panel of Wisconsin Technology leaders regarding how they are operationalizing secure student data practices in their school districts. Learn how they are turning recommended best practices into day-to-day actions and operations of their technology departments.

Speaker: Michael Mades, Rob Resider, Sean Cottrell and Diane Doersch

045. Make Work Rule! Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Lead
Does your team think their jobs are awesome? Is everyone excited to be a part of your organization? Join Google for Education and begin to think about work differently, help keep your teams motivated and happy and understand why Google loves failure.

Speaker: Britton Picciolini