Concurrent Sessions Round Four

3:45 – 4:45

046. Transform Your Classroom with Green Screen & Virtual Reality
Engage and challenge your student’s creative side using green screen technology for assessments, reflections, explorations, and more. Provide students with virtual learning experiences as they explore a world that is otherwise intangible. Learn how we have effectively implemented these practices into our everyday work and the growth we have seen in our students and their depth of knowledge of their work.

Speaker: Eric Hill

047. Moving Beyond the Discussion – Creating a BlendEd/Online Course for Free, or Nearly Free in Under Two Hours
The importance and visionary aspirations of blended/online learning strategies in the classroom have been discussed for over a decade; however, the implementation of such strategies has been lost in the fog of structural confusion and trepidation. The overall goal of this session is to move beyond the pedagogical philosophy of blended/online curriculum and actively engage participants in the development of a blended course. Upon completion of the workshop, participants have the information necessary to create the framework of an effective blended/online course.

Speaker: Christopher Choudoir, Shawn Volk and Dan Van Ekeren

048. Your Next Digital Footprint
In this session, you will be shared with what Genoa City Joint 2 district has done to make their next digital footprint…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Topics will range from benchmarking tools, portfolios, various ways to support educators and students. Trainings and professional development, to even how technology impacts our compensation model.

Speaker: Helen Xiong

049. Are Your Students Online Course Ready for the Post High School Life?
Much of formal learning after high school is shifting and taking place online. Whether students are going to be trained on the job or learning at a 2 or 4-year college, students are going to be learning via online courses. The Appleton Area School District via Appleton eSchool has created an “online course ready” badge around core attributes of effective online learners. Stop by and learn about our new badge.

Speaker: Erik Hanson and John Jacobs

050. Inspiring and Motivating Middle Schoolers Using Technology
Motivating middle schoolers ain’t easy, but it IS possible, and technology can help. This session will focus on some popular apps and websites in our district (including Remind, Google Classroom, 1-Click Timer, Piktochart, Emaze and more) as well as classroom procedures that are conducive to a creative, innovative environment. Hear what works in our district, and share some of your favorites. You’ll leave this session with knowledge about tools you can use in the classroom tomorrow. Let’s get those middle schoolers engaged in learning!

Speaker: Danielle Brannan

051. The WI Digital Learning Collaborative: Our Leader in Fostering Innovative Digital Programming
The Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) services over three-fourths of Wisconsin schools with digital learning resources, digital tools, professional learning and strategic planning. Come here success stories down to the classroom level about personalized learning, blended learning, instructional strategies and leveraging ed tech tools to engage students. The WDLC resources will be connected to the new Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan.

Speaker: Janice Mertes and Kurt Kiefer

052. Personalizing Learning: A Vision for Change, a Teacher Cohort and $0
Everywhere you go, educators are talking about Personalized Learning, but how do you move from a traditional model to Personalization? In this session, you will first learn how the Oshkosh Area School District established a vision for instructional change. You will then learn how a teacher Cohort for Personalized Learning was formed to implement that vision in a transformational way and how OASD was able to do all of this for zero dollars – $0. Follow our journey in which a Curriculum coach and a Technology coach partnered to guide the district vision and form the teacher cohort, see what Personalization looks like in action and learn how you can do the same in your own district.

Speaker: Kristi Levy, Malary Hill, Cory Beaulieu, Justin Hable, Alex Griffith, William Brydon and Heather Kangas

053. A Day in the Life of Team #1 Community – Our Personalized Learning Journey
In this session we will share our Personalized Learning journey. We will show you how to tailor pedagogy, curriculum, and learning environments. We will show you why it is so important to have a student-centered classroom where there is voice and choice. We will share our Learner Profiles and how they help the students to set goals and outline their individual learning pathways that can change throughout the year. Technology used to assist in personalization will also be shared. We will also show how the teacher serves as a coach – sets the expectations high and helps them struggle and stretch to meet their personal goals.

Speaker: Marlo Dentice-Johnson and Jenny Scheunemann

054. Visual Supports for the Personalized Learning Classroom
This session would help educators understand why visual supports are so beneficial to student learning and how to use visual supports to improve personalized learning practices. Visual supports can be tailored for in the classroom and/or online in classroom management systems or class websites or flipped lessons.

Speaker: Danielle Shryock

055. All Hands on Deck: The Tool to Personalizing Large Group Instruction and Increase Student Engagement
Every teacher strives for 100% student engagement, but in many classrooms this is very difficult to achieve. Large group instruction has gotten a bad rap in our current educational climate. The “sage on the stage” has become the model from which educators are fleeing from, and moving to a “guide on the side” format. That being said, there is still a place for large group instruction in our classrooms. The question becomes: how can we design large group instruction that can transform the teacher’s role into being both a sage and a guide? In this session, you will learn how Pear Deck will allow students to access and engage with content and be assessed on-demand–all within a large group instructional setting. Learn how Pear Deck goes beyond the multiple-choice questions of traditional large group response systems, to truly assessing deeper understandings. Pear Deck allows for equal access and engagement by all students with any web-based device, from a smartphone to a laptop, and even links directly to GAFE accounts. In this session, participants will be introduced to this unique platform and see its uses within the classroom. We encourage all attendees to bring a Google Slides presentation/lesson that they would like to incorporate more student engagement. Participants will learn how to import the Google Slides, add student interactions within those slides, and embed websites within a Pear Deck. Our hope is that you can create a Pear Deck that to use in your classroom tomorrow!

Speaker: Michael Mohammad, Angela Patterson and Kate Sommerville

056. 8 Steps to Social Media Success for Schools
Social media is where people hang out these days, but how can our schools get in on it? From concerns over privacy to making time for it to where do we even start – the process can be overwhelming. During this session, we will talk through the 8 steps to launching, maintaining and improving the social media presence for your school. We will talk through real examples, share document templates and discuss best practices. As a result of this session, attendees will be equipped to jump-start their own social media efforts to improve the existing plan at their school.

Speaker: Andrea Gribble and Josh Robinson

058. Using Gmail More Effectively and Efficiently
This is session is designed to help you get your professional and personal lives organized by harnessing the power of Gmail. The focus of this workshop will be on using Gmail to work more efficiently and effectively. Participants will learn how to: – have peace of mind by emptying your inbox without losing track of important information – prioritize and manage your emails – add Google Extensions to do even more.

Speaker: Mark Scheiber

059. Makerspaces Work in High School: Play to Learn
Makerspaces came into the PHS world in 2015-16. PHS had already converted their traditional library into an iCenter, where print and technology came together in a 21st Century Learning space. This was the perfect location to launch several Makerspaces at PHS. Now Makerspaces are finding their way into classrooms in all curricular areas. Discover how the 4C’s are successful in a Makerspace. Find out about the journey and success stories of Makerspaces in the iCenter to the classroom.

Speaker: Robin Kvalo, Sue Conner, Jan Imhoff and Dahlia Werner

060. Inside Out: Turning Pockets of Disruption into Pockets of Readiness
This session is about a meaningful learning experience for children by employing several pockets of blended learning throughout our school district. This is not about piloting one solution, but creating a personalized, and sometimes personal, solution to increase student learning and achievement. These pockets of disruption in the normal learning day have become pockets of readiness that can be employed and tweaked throughout the school district.

Speaker: James O’Hagan and Kelly Pochop

061. 21st Century Skills - How Google can help you provide Computer Science in K-12 Education
Are we preparing students for the jobs of the future and equipping them with the skills they need? Are you able to deliver computer science to your students today or are you looking for ways to do so? Join Google for Education for a discussion of computer science, why it’s important and how you can help your students learn about computer science and enhance their CS skills.

Speaker:  Michael Jaber