Concurrent Sessions Round Four

3:45 – 4:45

046. Future Ready Your District: Tips to Get Started!
Are you wondering how to start your Future Ready Plan based on the both the Alliance for Excellent Education and the WI Department of Public Instruction? Join this session as we look at the Future Ready Dashboard and discuss key points to move your district forward. We will share examples and best practices to implement in your district after the conference!

Speaker: Beth Clarke

047. Student-Centered Coaching in a Digital World
Student-centered coaching is how our district is putting student achievement and instructional practices at the center of our digital learning program. We will share how digital learning coaches are moving school cultures beyond “the tools” and the logistics our systems uses to support high impact professional growth. The focus of this session is to share and model how we are changing the way we are rolling out and supporting digital learning. This session will also share how we are using data to measure where we are in relation to our goals and structure our plan implementation. We will provide resources we’ve designed for students and teachers to access outside of the session for ongoing support throughout the year.

Speaker: Caroline Haebig and Jennifer Schlie-Reed

048. Rethinking Literacy for All Learners: Reading, Writing, and Communication for Today

Explore strategies, projects, and apps that Apple Distinguished Educators are using in their own classrooms to develop multiple literacies for reading, writing, and communication. Discover a combination of built-in accessibility tools and Universal Design for Learning best practices to rethink how all students build their literacy skills.

Speaker: Apple Distinguished Educators

 In this session, participants will learn how to move beyond the traditional classroom using 21st century technology learning skills. Through hands on experience and engagement the Wausau School District team will guide you through tools that promote student engagement in the classroom. Explore and analyze content with Edpuzzle and screencasting tools. Promote critical thinking with Post-It Plus and Google Drawings. Encourage student voice with Poll Everywhere, answer garden and dot storming. Join us in an immersive look at embedding the engagement with your students.

Speaker: Reggie Smith, Jon Euting, Rebekah Barbian, Laura Morris, and Melissa Piette

051. Virtual Learning Student Panel
The day in the life a virtual student. Are you wondering what it is like for a full time student that is learning in the virtual world and how this is different from a brick and mortar learning experience? This workshop is for you. We will have students available remotely(like Skype) to talk about their day, how they learn, challenges and stories. They will share why they attend a virtual school and how this learning benefits them. We will have a couple of live people at the event as well to talk about benefits and challenges and how a virtual school is unique in the services it provides ie: safe learning environment, advanced classes, electives, etc.

Speaker: Michael Leach and Leigh Sisneros

052. Motivating Girls to “Lean in” to Pursue Passion-Driven Careers in STEM

Are you looking to motivate your female students to pursue passionate careers in STEM? Join this session with Naomi Harm, to discover innovative STEM approaches to empower the next generation of female leaders through a “startup” classroom culture.  Naomi will immerse you in creative and collaborative learning experiences of how to motivate girls to “lean in” and further pursue their STEM passions within a making culture of computational thinking, robotics, and the new literacy of coding. You will leave this session empowered with new ideas and resources to inspire, mentor and model STEM career choices, while motivating your female students to lead with passion-driven purpose,  technical expertise and global women entrepreneurship.

Speaker: Naomi Harm

053. Ignite & Inspire! Digital Media from Wisconsin Public Television Education
Wisconsin Public Television Education provides you with digital resources to ignite curiosity and inspire wonder in your classroom! In this session we will explore free innovative classroom-ready digital resources. We will delve into PBS Student Reporting Labs, the Young Performers Initiative including Hip Hop pedagogy in the classroom, and the Soundzabound music library. Come to this session with your device ready to play!

Speaker: Kristin Leglar and Megan Aley

054. Quizlet
Teachers will learn how to utilize Quizlet in their classrooms to better enable progress monitoring and practice sessions.

Speaker: Mariam Antaramian

055. A Day in the Life of Team #1 Community - Our Personalized Learning Journey
In this session we will share our Personalized Learning journey. We will show you how to tailor pedagogy, curriculum, and learning environments. We will show you why it is so important to have a student-centered classroom where there is voice and choice. We will share our Learner Profiles and how they help the students to set goals and outline their individual learning pathways that can change throughout the year. We will share how we use Personalized Learning Plans in our math class. Technology used to assist in personalization will also be shared. We will also show how the teacher serves as a coach – sets the expectations high and helps them struggle and stretch to meet their personal goals.

Speaker: Marlo Dentice-Johnson and Jenny Scheunemann

056. Focusing the Core on Creation
This session will cover the concept of purposeful app selection that the School District of Waukesha refers to as Core Apps. The app selection highlights cross curricular student creation apps. Learn about which apps make up the Core and how they are used by students to express understanding in a K-12 1:1 iPad environment.

Speaker: Mollie Heilberger and Ryan Yearling

057. Embracing, Not Ignoring Technology in the Classroom
This session will focus on using technology in the classroom and the cognitive research behind using it. This session will deal with research done by Nicholas Carr. Carr discusses what technology has done and continues to do brains and how we as educators need to change the way we teach. He talks about how attention spans are getting shorter and his many feel the need to use technology at all times of the day. As educators we need to embrace technology in the classroom to teach our students because of this research. It is important to look at why technology has done this by looking at the cognitive side of how students learn and how educators can use that research to teach students. This presentation will discuss strategies such as student driven learning, online learning, and using multiple forms of assessments. It will also briefly touch on the psychology behind learning and how our brains have changed. Most importantly this presentation will explain the importance of using technology in the classroom to reach all students. This philosophy is current being used in my classroom with positive results based on surveys and student grades.

Speaker: Ryan Sprenger

058. Creating Your Own Digital Learning Resources
The session will surface best practices from robust course development processes, and apply them to teacher created digital learning resources. Participants will engage and review example resources, and surface best practices for student experience and accessibility.

Speaker: Samantha Forster and Annette Walaszek

059. Disrupting the Status Quo with Blended Learning
This course will look at how blended learning can and is changing the landscape of education. Participants will learn about the philosophy of blended learning, what it looks like in the classroom, and most importantly how to make it happen.

Speaker: Tony Spaeth, Kevin Hyde and Jack Chamberlain

060. Incorporating Technology Within a Math Workshop Model
Participants in this session will learn how to incorporate G Suite for Education and a variety of online activities and resources to engage students throughout a math block using a workshop model for instruction. Participants will learn the benefits of using Google Classroom to manage personalized learning activities, as well as small group differentiated activities. They will also learn how Front Row, Digit Whiz, Compass Learning Odyssey, Study Jams, Quizlet, Math Antics, and other online resources can enhance the learning of elementary math content.

Speaker: Wendy Ellsworth and Timothy Franz