Theater Sessions

Looking for a way to showcase your products? Register for SLATE’s Exhibit Hall Session Theater Showcase. The theater, located in a large section of the exhibit hall, provides the opportunity for presentations and demonstrations of the ways in which our students and schools can use technology tools to advance learning and make educators’ jobs simpler so they can focus on teaching and leadership. You can register for one of these sessions as part of your exhibitor registration. Please Note: These are not “sales pitches”; rather they are presentations that will provide valuable information about your chosen product/topic.

501. 9:50 – 10:20

Use your Star Assessment Data to Personalize Learning for All Students

Research shows that personalized learning has the potential to increase student engagement and improve outcomes. Yet personalization can be difficult in a classroom of 25+ students. Educators already spend 6-8 hours per week collecting data, planning lessons, and finding resources to support instruction. But what if there were a solution that seamlessly bridged assessment and practice data with instructional resources, so you were confident each student received the right content at the right level? Attend this session to see how Renaissance Flow 360 provides this insight so you can personalize learning for each student. You’ll also discover how Renaissance Flow 360 will help you:

• Assess students with accuracy—in both English and Spanish
• Assign standards-aligned practice and resources, all from one place
• Leverage the power of industry-leading instructional providers
• View student mastery with data from multiple sources

502. 10:30 – 11:00

New! MAP Reading Fluency

Ready for a change in how you conduct oral reading fluency assessments? Ready for a high-tech solution that can use computerized technology to assess a student’s oral reading fluency? NWEA has developed a new oral reading fluency assessment for kid s in K-3 called MAP Reading Fluency.  MAP Reading Fluency measures Oral Reading Fluency, Decoding Accuracy and Literal Comprehension. These areas are evaluated based on oral reading of 3 passages (approx. 200 words each) into a headset. From these results, a reader profile and suggested next steps are generated. Teachers can play the recorded audio back to further evaluate prosody and for miscue analysis. Come learn more about the reports you receive, how the test functions, and how you can be part of the early adopter program!

503. 11:10 – 11:40
IXL Learning

Grit and Growth Mindset Empowers Content

Can you create unstoppable standards mastery and content fluency for all students? Yes, you can. By helping students to utilize grit they can own content. All students deserve adaptive math, reading, and writing strategies that build a growth mindset. Join us for an interactive discussion where we’ll grapple with grit.

504. 12:00 – 12:30

How the Wisconsin Schools Digital Library Consortium (WSDLC) is Increasing Access to Digital Content Across the State.

Learn how to join schools across the states that are providing their students with access to thousands of premium eBooks and audiobooks through the Wisconsin Schools Digital Library Consortium. We’ll explore all the benefits of providing digital content and discuss how this powerful sharing dynamic provides students with access to digital titles.

505. 1:05 – 1:35
Creative Learning Systems

Too Busy to design & build an inclusive Stem Center?

Creative Learning Systems has developed a turnkey approach to deploying a customized articulated Stem and Digital Media Arts Program. Our mission is to rapidly grow a learning environment that student based, supports LD and ELL school population. Ste(a)m Centers should support choice for all students. All means all.

506. 1:45 – 2:15
Voyager Sopris Learning

With Language! Live, More is Possible

LANGUAGE!® Live offers more for struggling readers than any other product. Proven foundational and advanced literacy instruction. Peer-to-peer instruction. Literacy brain science. A captivating modern, digital platform for grades 5–12. All in one affordable solution. More is possible.

507. 2:35 – 3:05

Connecting Teens with Curriculum – Why be Boring?

Shmoop is a digital curriculum provider with a one of a kind approach to reaching students.  Understanding the challenges that come from engaging students with dated, dry, curriculum; Shmoop instead delivers a fun approach to learning.  Through humor, pop culture references, and just enough snark to grab the attention of students, Shmoop’s online courses and test prep programs engage and encourage deeper level thinking.  We Speak Student!  Attendees will walk away with a fresh approach to online learning.

508. 3:15 – 3:45
Heartland Business Systems

The Connected Experience – Reinvent Learning Spaces In a Digital World

Mid-State Technical College student demographics had dramatically changed over the past 5 years, and recognized an opportunity to improve the classroom experience and offer their students more innovative spaces that offer creative environments for learning, but would also allow for a digital experience as well.   This entailed integrating  developing a best in class framework for a common classroom experience and integration of WebEx and video recording into their LMS, using 3rd party software and API’s to ensure a standards based solution was in place.

For Mid-State to do this, it required re-thinking traditional educational spaces but it also required them to make significant changes to their infrastructure and systems.   The changes centered around the user experience and ease of use for faculty, staff and students.  These wholesale infrastructure changes were implemented, while ensuring complexity was removed whenever possible.

Come and learn how Mid – State Technical College Connected Experience revolutionized their learning spaces and delivery of blended, face-to-face and online learning. Engaging students like never before, offering seamless collaboration between students and teachers. Equipped to effortlessly share, resources and conversation in the one space, in real-time, from any location and any device.

509. 3:55 – 4:25

Creating a Unique Student Experience for Elementary and Middle School Students with Odysseyware

Jane Meyer serves as the Virtual Program Coordinator for the School District of Hartford J1.  Her program provides options for Elementary and Middle School students with a variety of needs by customizing Odysseyware content.  One example of her unique curriculum work has been to create Middle School Career Explorations courses to fit the specific interests of all of the students who take the elective option.  She will also share how they use the platform to accelerate students in preparation for advanced high school level courses when they start 9th grade, provide support for struggling students, and provide different options for students who would like to try something a bit different.