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Looking for a way to showcase your products? Register for SLATE’s Exhibit Hall Session Theater Showcase.

The theater, located in a large section of the exhibit hall, provides the opportunity for presentations and demonstrations of the ways in which our students and schools can use technology tools to advance learning and make educators’ jobs simpler so they can focus on teaching and leadership. You can register for one of these sessions as part of your exhibitor registration.

All Theater Showcases are $400. Please visit our Exhibitor Information Page to register or for more exhibitor information.

Please Note: These are not “sales pitches”; rather they are presentations that will provide valuable information about your chosen product/topic.

501. Use Technology, Freckle Math, to Identify and Close Skill Gaps to Drive Math Success for All Students

It can be a challenge to help students master higher-level math skills—and it’s also one of the most important things we can do to prepare them to succeed in school and beyond. Students with stronger math skills are more likely to graduate high school, graduate college, have ambitious career goals, and earn higher salaries.
Yet it does not work to simply place students in higher-level math content and hope they succeed. We need to successfully transition them to more and more challenging content. Explore how Renaissance® combines assessment, instruction, and practice to help you keep all students on track for math success.

Renaissance® applies its proven, data-driven educational technology to amplify the effectiveness of classroom teachers so that students of all levels can achieve their full potentials. By giving teachers the right insight, tools, and resources, Renaissance helps teachers teach better, students learn better, and school administrators lead better.

Speakers: Becky Klais, Ronda Oyen 

Company Website:

Twitter Handle: @RenLearnUS

Suite 1-8 Expo Hall

Handouts and Materials for #501

502. Give Your Students the Advantage

This session brings out the challenge students and schools are facing with the legitimacy, tracking, and encouragement that goes along with extracurricular activities. Learn about new technologies that help administration and faculty save time, increase student involvement, and give your students the competitive edge.

Total Student is an all-in-one extracurricular management platform for schools. Our software helps you manage, track, and increase student involvement.

Speaker: Casey Seidl

Company Website:

Twitter Handle: @total_student

Suite 1-8 Expo Hall

Handouts and Materials for #502

503. Leveraging Library and School Based Content for Student Success

Learn how leading schools are taking a holistic approach with digital content to support student achievement anytime, anywhere. We’ll also cover how the new Sora reading app can serve as an invaluable portal to your public library’s digital collection for greater reading and learning opportunities.

OverDrive Education is the leading global digital reading platform for K-12, offering the industry’s largest catalog of ebooks, audiobooks, and streaming video. As a 100% digital company serving 23,000+ schools worldwide, OverDrive combines the technology you need with the content you want to support reading and learning in the classroom, library, and home.

Speaker: Connie Bowman

Company Website:

Twitter Handle: @OverDriveEd

Suite 1-8 Expo Hall

Handouts and Materials for #503

This Session Has Been Cancelled!

504. Learn About Tomah Middle Schools Journey to Change the Culture of Their Schools Enthusiasm and Interest for Words Through a Platform called is a platform for systematic vocabulary improvement that adapts to the needs of individual students. Used in over 40,000 schools, is proven by research to improve literacy skills. Our platform integrates with all curriculum and allows teachers to create activities based on any text. We’ll identify each students’ trouble words and work with them until they achieve mastery.

Speaker: Michael Geers

Company Website:

Twitter Handle:

Suite 1-8 Expo Hall

505. College Readiness with the Blindfold Off / ACT readiness

Explore how and why more and more Wisconsin high schools are abandoning test-prep and turning to CERT as the primary assessment and remediation program targeting the ACT College Readiness Standards to drastically improve college readiness as measured by the ACT.

The College Equipped Readiness Tool (CERT) is an ACT based online assessment and remediation program that drastically approves ACT scores and college readiness for Wisconsin students.

Speaker: Stirling Sampson

Company Website:

Twitter Handle: @certforschools

Suite 1-8 Expo Hall

Handouts and Materials for #505

506. Physical Computing with Phidgets

Phidgets are interactive USB sensors that make physical computing easy. No soldering or breadboards required—students simply plug in a sensor, code in their preferred language and start creating.

Come by to receive a FREE introductory kit as well as a temperature and humidity sensor ($50 value). You can then try writing your first Phidgets program that interfaces with the sensors and displays live data. When you’re done, try out a different sensor or work through an educational kit.

Please bring a laptop with USB ports and administrative privilege (no chromebooks).  To learn more, visit our website:

Speaker: Lucas Pacentrilli

Company Website:

Twitter Handle: @PhidgetsInc

Suite 1-8 Expo Hall

Handouts and Materials for #506