Coding and Makerspace

Learning spaces need to invoke creativity, inspiration, and a space to continuously collaborate with one’s peers. Why not gain new student-centered ideas by incorporating a more creative and mobile workflow of design elements and participate in SLATE’s Coding and Makerspace Playground! Naomi Harm and a creative team of WI edtech teachers and administrators will share their computer science best practices when it comes to everything from tinkering, to making, to coding to creating through 10 hands-on unique rotation stations. These 10 STEM activities hands-on learning experiences will provide you the opportunity to build your learning confidence, that you can easily recreate in your classroom by tomorrow!

        1. 3Doodler build a better book character design challenge
        2. Let’s talk a-Bot it- Dash, Dot and BeeBot coding/robotics activities
        3. Going places with green screen and stop motion activities
        4. LEGO we do and you can too!
        5. Meeperbots! It’s LEGO’s + robotics = coding fun
        6. Project Invent – Build your own game controller switch with Makey Makey
        7. Microbits – wearable and gadget maker coding projects
        8. Think, play, create…beyond the screen with Osmo
        9. Meet me in the middle – Spheros robotics and 3D printing
        10. Unplugged activities: Hands-on coding blocks and origami holiday cootie catchers

Coding and Makerspace Google Document