Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote: Myron Dueck

Covid or no Covid, It’s Time to Rethink a Few Things

Throughout history, whenever a system gets a significant shakeup, some things change forever. In what seemed like an instant, the COVID pandemic resulted in our students and teachers stepping out of our schools for spring break and stepping into completely uncharted waters – quite literally a new world. We suddenly needed to adapt to remote learning situations, to define essential outcomes and connect virtually, digitally. We will undoubtedly have learned a few things through this era. Some of our experiences have involved innovative instructional, grading and assessment practices. Educators re-discovered the power of inquiry. Appropriate digital literacy skills were brought into sharp focus, and we were again reminded that relationships are essential, critical, and central to all that we do. Some of these experiences will undoubtedly shift our landscape to some extent when we do return to a ‘new normal’. Join this keynote for a positive and hopeful conversation around rethinking a few things before, during, and after a shake-up.

Over the past 22 years, Myron has worked as an educator in both Canada and New Zealand in subjects ranging from grades 4 to 12. In 2006 Myron began to develop a number of grading, assessment, and reporting systems which gave students a greater opportunity to show what they understand and play a significant role in the reporting of their learning. Myron has also been a part of district groups, school committees, and governmental bodies that have further broadened his access to innovative ideas. Through sharing his stories, tools, and first-hand experiences with public, charter, and international school educators around the world, Myron’s presentations have diverged to include global education trends and broader socio-economic realities that impact learning. Myron has twice been published in EL Magazine. His best-selling book, Grading Smarter, Not Harder– Assessment Strategies that Motivate Kids and Help Them Learn was released by ASCD in July 2014 and in 2015 ASCD released a video project based in his own school district entitled ‘Smarter Assessment in the Secondary Classroom’. His most recent project, ‘Ask Them’, is a three-part streaming series available at Myron and his family currently live in British Columbia where he is SD67 District Vice-Principal for Communicating Student Learning.

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Tuesday Afternoon Keynote: Tom Murray

Educators Leading with Purpose

What separates “leaders” from those who lead? As a classroom, school, or district leader, are you walking in and towards your purpose? This session will help leaders explore their own personal WHY, connect their passion to their work, reflect on pandemic-lessons learned, understand the research behind effective leadership, and empower those around them to rise up and lead. Participants will take part in a handful of culture-building activities that you can take back to your colleagues to impact their schools and classrooms. Today’s modern learners need bold leaders who model the way and create a culture of innovation, and you are part of the solution!

Tom Murray, Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, returns to Wisconsin to set the stage around collaborative leadership strategies and instructional redesign. 

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Closing Keynote: Kim Karr

Using Digital for Good

With the right guidance and support, students of all ages can learn to use digital for good. Let’s empower students to protect themselves, stand up for their peers, and become positive digital changemakers. Since 2013, #ICANHELP has trained 470,000+ students to respond to online negativity and manage their online presence which decreases instances of cyberbullying and lowers the number of discipline issues related to social media on campus. Learn digital media and technology strategies and activities for engaging students, staff, and parents to create a more positive culture and learning environment both on and offline.
After 13 years of working with students as a teacher and activities director, Kim now empowers students and adults alike through her leadership at #ICANHELP, a nonprofit that’s on a mission to build safer school communities and develop the next generation of leaders and changemakers who use Digital4Good. An effective, outcome-based program, #ICANHELP has educated over 2.4 million students and educators on digital citizenship and wellness and taken down over 1,000 harmful social media pages. The nonprofit has received support and recognition from Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees and major tech companies such as Google, TikTok, and Twitter. As Executive Director, Kim has delivered presentations to more than 600 schools and districts (and counting!) and leads the nonprofit’s intern and volunteer program.

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