Pre-Convention Sessions

7:45- 8:30 | Check In

8:30–3:00 | Pre-Con Session

201. Wisconsin Future Ready Leadership Summit: Leveraging the Lessons Learned

After two years of forced disruption, Wisconsin school and district leaders must seize the moment and move their teams forward with intention. Leading through this current school year, we must come together to amplify and implement pandemic lessons learned with direction and purpose, while focusing on sustainability to ensure we emerge stronger post-pandemic. This SLATE Future Ready Summit will again be led by Future Ready’s Thomas C. Murray, and district leader and author Myron Dueck. Grounded in the Future Ready Framework, Murray and Dueck will help leaders come together to reframe perspectives and navigate constraints to elevate student learning outcomes. With COVID relief funding (ARP) drying up in two short years, it’s imperative that leaders focus on making the needed systemic, innovative changes now while ensuring long-term sustainability in their decision-making. 

Come join this year’s keynote speakers, Murray and Dueck, on December 5th to develop strategies to:

  • Emerge stronger post-pandemic
  • Reframe our thinking as leaders
  • Turn constraints into opportunities
  • Leverage the Future Ready Framework, as well as gain access to other free tools and resources
  • Collaborate with other WI leaders who are working to create meaningful student learning experiences in their schools and district

This workshop will provide attendees with practical ways to lead with intention to help their teams emerge stronger post-pandemic.

2:00–4:00 | Pre-Con Sessions

204. Our Big, Beautiful Brains are Wired for Leadership: Empathy, Intuition and Collaboration

Are you a woman in leadership looking for inspiration to build your confidence, cognitive presence, and your sphere of influence? Join Naomi Harm as she shares compelling neuroscience research that documents how and why women’s big, beautiful brains are wired for empathy, intuition, and collaboration – the very qualities business managers and educational administrators are looking for in their leaders of today. You will also walk away with a multitude of “lean-in” strategies and templates to help define and guide your educational leadership career trajectory. All live participants will receive a signed copy of Naomi’s women in leadership book “The Unique Individual You.” and the children’s STEM picture book “Discover The Unique Individual You.”  

205. Google for Education will Host the Adaptive Learning Lab

Google for Education is hosting a hands-on immersive demo experience called the Adaptive Learning Lab. This activation will get you hands-on experience with the latest Professional Chromebooks and most recent features including practice sets, Screencast and cast moderator. Lead students through their personalized learning journey with a little help from Google for Education’s suite of connected tools. Here you’ll grab a professional Chromebook and explore adaptive learning solutions and time-saving tools. Join us and get hands on with our brand new features and Google for Education essentials. Speakers: Google Education Team

206. Syncing Pedagogy, Technology and Learning

Excellent learning emerges when we weave together the essential ingredients of modern teaching. These include the way we design our classroom spaces, use technology tools, and engage students in learning experiences through excellent instruction. This session will look at how to nest all these ingredients together by taking a deep dive into how spaces impact the development of the whole child. Participants will leave this session with practical ways to amplify teaching and learning. Speaker: Dr. Robert Dillion

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